Mid-Size Companies

Risk is larger, less predictable, non-linear and more ubiquitous.

BlueStone Advisors' Commercial Insurance Division was established to provide middle market companies a superior insurance brokerage, risk management, and consulting experience. We unite a multidisciplinary approach across each of these practices for property and casualty to provide innovative solutions that reduce the total cost of risk and insurance, and seek to simplify the insurance process through our technology platform.

Property & Casualty Process

Under this fully integrated platform, BlueStone Advisors will use both analytical tools and risk management techniques that enable our clients to visualize how new or existing risks can look in the future — and build road maps for getting there. Our methods include Risk Management integration, data utilization, innovative strategies, state-of-the-art technology, organizational communication, and robust reporting.

All of our work is done in consideration for our clients. As we iterate toward a final solution, we will assess and reassess our deliverables. Our goal is to provide appropriate, actionable, and tangible strategies. The result will include new processes for reducing the total cost of risk and insurance; protecting the enterprise; and simplifying the insurance process.

BlueStone Advisors Property Commercial Residential Insurance Lombard

For many industries, risk is larger, less predictable, non-linear and more ubiquitous. BlueStone Advisors works with clients to create and implement integrated risk management capabilities focused on protecting the enterprise, generating higher economic returns and increasing stakeholder value and confidence. BlueStone Advisors works with clients to build strategic, enterprise-wide capabilities that are preemptively focused and business-benefit oriented. An effective risk management strategy is less about obligation and more about opportunity.

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