BlueStone Advisors understands that every dollar saved in non-profits insurance can be used to serve your clients.

We have access to the broadest policies specific to non-profits and have the ability to negotiate premiums aggressively every year.

Key Non-Profits Risks to Protect Against

Bases on claim data compiled by the insurance industry, the unique risks associated with non-profits industry are:

Workers' Compensation

Premises Liability

Professional Liability, including sexual abuse

Auto Liability

Directors & Officers

Contractual Liability

Non-Profits BlueStone Advisors Lombard

Value-Added Services From BlueStone

Board Presentations

BlueStone Advisors routinely makes presentations to the finance committee of the Board of Directors to provide reviews, analysis and updates of the insurance program.

This also allows the Directors to ask questions about their personal liability and coverage in place to protect them and the non-profit entity contractual Liability Purchase Orders, Vendor Contractors, Certificate of Insurance Tracking, Indemnity Clauses, Additional Insured, Hold Harmless Agreements are just a few services provided by BlueStone Advisors to help our non-profit clients reduce their liabilities assumed by their contracts.


Quarterly claims reviews and aggressive claim handling is essential to minimizing claim costs. If not monitored, the can spiral out of control and have serious effects on Experience Modification Factors and employee moral.



Safety committees, reward programs, Lifting, Slips/Falls, Carpel tunnel, Return to Work, and Post Accident Drug Testing are just a few of the services provided by BlueStone Advisors to help our non-profit clients implement a current and effective Safety program.

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