"Working with Bluestone Advisors from start-up to divestitutre allowed us to remain focused on growing our company knowing that all our insurance needs were handled by their team of industry experts."
-Brian Enis, Spiers New Technologies

Insuring Lithium-Ion Batteries in today’s market is difficult - and near impossible (or very expensive) for an insurance broker who does not specialize in the Lithium-Ion industry.  Why?  In macroeconomic terms, there is more demand from a rapidly emerging global market seeking a limited supply from an insurance and reinsurance marketplace.  Insureds seeking to insure their Lithium-Ion Battery operations are competing with other global Lithium-Ion Battery companies for insurance capacity.  For the limited number of carriers willing to insure Lithium-Ion Batteries - they are selective with who they insure.

Why Insure with Us?

We have been insuring Lithium-Ion Batteries for 10 years. We know the industry, we have relationships with the select Lithium-Ion underwriters across the globe, and we know what they are looking for to offer our clients preferred rates and coverage. We provide our clients with Best Practices that are specific and measurable that reinforce risk management protocols that are utilized in the underwriting criteria. 

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