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The idea for BlueStone Advisors was born late one night in 2012, over some red wine and a long discussion between Tracie and Andy about the recent transformation of the insurance industry, the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis, and the potential to successfully leverage our combined skills in insurance, sales, technology, finance, and operations.

Prior to starting BlueStone, Andy spent 10 years as a broker at both HUB and Aon. In this time, he witnessed a significant increase in M&A activity in the industry. Research and observation led him to conclude that this trend would continue, and ultimately create opportunity for clients that still desired the service of a boutique firm — rather than the typical anonymity associated with large brokerage houses. Indeed, the M&A trend has continued: in 2008, there were just under 300 transactions in this space. Year over year, this number has increased, and in 2020 it hit 673  transactions.

In addition to the consolidating marketplace, Tracie observed that the aging population of insurance brokers had left the industry behind from a technical perspective, with less demand for cutting-edge solutions from its base of users. With over 20 years of experience in technology, project management, and finance, it was her desire to build a firm that was nimble, precise, and environmentally responsible.

Together, we also observed that there was a severe lack of female leadership — not only in the insurance brokerage space — but in the financial services space overall.

Our conclusion was that an opportunity existed for a boutique commercial brokerage firm to make a difference in the marketplace and have great success at doing so. Driven by a love of the industry and two entrepreneurial spirits, we started to build a vibrant, new brokerage firm — led by a woman, and highly focused on personalized service and technological efficiencies.

We love insurance, technology, and building lasting relationships. And we look forward to working with you!

Tracie Rasmussen, CEO

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why bluestone?

  • Health Insurance
  • Paid Holidays
  • Paid Vacation & Sick Time
  • Retirement Account
  • Career Education Assistance
  • Flexible Work/Life Balance
  • Fun Work Environment
  • Full Size Café in Building
  • Full Service Health Club Available
  • Bright Horizons DayCare Services Available

Join Our BlueStone Advisors' Team

We are currently seeking merger and acquisition opportunities located in the midwest for firms specializing in property/casualty, employee benefits and personal lines. We are prepared to offer attractive earn-outs for owners who have built a foundation with like cultures and values.

Please contact Andrew Royce for confidential inquiries at aroyce@bluestoneadvisors.com or (630) 504-6400.

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