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Similar to pillars that provide essential support for a building or structure to stand tall and strong, the skipping stones stacked in our logo represent the pillars that contribute to our organization’s strengths and beliefs.

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Our Client Commitment

Since the year 2012, BlueStone has been committed to offering customized benefits options. Our core belief is that our clients achieve greater value by maintaining a close partnership with their advisors - trusting us to understand what is important to you, and applying our expertise to assure that you and your members have the best overall experience.

HR Consulting

Extension of Your Team

We do more than ”talk the talk”. We listen, learn, and then act – in your best interests, because your firm’s well-being is our focus. 

Cost Savings

Cost Savings

Reduce your plan costs, generate higher economic returns, and increase stakeholder value. 



We wield our strong relationships with a dedicated team of service providers. 

Tailored health plans

Tailored Health Plans

Comprehensive & completely customized to support the evolution of your firm’s growth. 

online portal

Ease & Efficiency

Our online HR & Admin enrollment and compliance portals put technology at your fingertips and saves valuable time.

Expertise and Insights

Expertise and Insights

Thought leadership on everything benefits related. Always get the latest news. 

Claims Management


All of the information about where your premium dollars are going is available to you; no hidden fees, just transparency. 



Personal accessibility to senior-level advisors and a dedicated service team. 

Are we your trusted partner?

Our sweet spot is implementing innovative strategies and solutions to protect your business and increase your profits.  If you want the cheapest health plan, or to hear from your broker once a year, or mismanaged claims, we are not the right partner. If you want effortless experiences that help you solve your company’s unique challenges, you came to the right place.

Our Client Resources

As personal relationship managers with more than 20+ years of experience, we have made it our focus to delivering tech-forward, financially savvy tools and resources. BlueStone offers a refreshing approach to a benefits suite that is more than just premium savings – it’s providing innovative solutions and technology that save time and keep you in compliance with state and federal laws.

Claims Management

Claims Management

Our experienced claim advocates assist with claim understanding and facilitate claim resolution should a concern or discrepancy arise.

HR Consulting

HR Consulting

A team of HR and legal experts with advice on hiring, firing, leaves of absence, discrimination and more. 

online portal

Online HR & Admin Portal

Manage your employee benefits, onboarding, HR filing, ACA and more in our simple, intuitive platform.

legal and compliance

Legal & Compliance

Our client platform make management of your HR needs a stress-free experience and ensures you stay in compliance with federal and state laws at all times. 



A well platform that represents your company's culture and promotes guidance toward achieving physical health, emotional wellbeing, and financial savvy.

Digital Security

Digital Security

Help protect your most valuable asset - your employees - with plans that aid in the protection of your employee's digital lives.

Conversation is Critical

At BlueStone, you gain a trusted partner that understands the complexities of the benefits space.  We also recognize that your firm’s business model and culture is unique, so our understanding of them is critical to delivering tech-forward, financially savvy benefits that owners and employees will love.

Our Process

With every client engagement, we strive to go above and beyond client expectations, providing high level executive summaries and explanations along the way. As we iterate toward a final solution, we assess and reassess our deliverables. Our goal is to provide appropriate, actionable, and tangible strategies. The results include processes that can reduce the total cost of risk and insurance; protect the enterprise; and simplify the HR management process.

Our Process

Ready to Meet?

At BlueStone, our team stands ready to be the best benefits brokerage partner you have ever had. Our culture is characterized by our core values, which are rooted in trust, creativity, and transparency.

Want to experience this first hand? Let’s meet – in person or on video – to talk about your goals and needs,  how we can make a difference, and have great success doing so. 

Our Products & Partner Carriers

Our Products

Employee Benefits is non-salary compensation that can be provided by employers to employees, and may include health insurance, life insurance, disability insurance, retirement plans, and other non-wage benefits. Benefit packages can be a complex employee attraction and retention tool: different plans offer different coverages and vary widely in coverage across providers. 

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BlueStone has excelled in building relationships with a variety of benefit providers, gaining a deep understanding of the benefits space along the way. See below for just some of our trusted partners.

Our Carrier Partners:

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