Property & Casualty Captives

Turn premiums into profits.

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Interested in a self-funded group captive that will reduce your Workers Compensation, General Liability and Auto Liability premiums while giving you more flexibility in coverage and pricing stability?

Schedule an introduction with BlueStone to learn how your mid-sized company can realize cost savings like 98% of the Fortune 500 companies.

For well-run companies with favorable loss ratios and a commitment to safety, our group captive insurance solutions offer transparency, control and cost savings.

Property & Casualty Captives, BlueStone Advisors

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Property & Casualty Captives Benefits

Investment Income

Earn investment income on your premiums


More control over settling claims

Cost Savings

Opportunity for meaningful cost savings


Long term approach to funding liabilities


Greater access to claim and behavioral data


Realize important tax benefits

 Captives are the most powerful insurance structure for well-run middle market companies to significantly control and reduce insurance costs

—Andrew Royce, President, BlueStone Advisors

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