Real Estate

The Real Estate industry includes 220,000 companies generating about $160 billion in annual revenue.

Only the largest real estate companies have revenues exceeding $1 billion; most have annual revenues less than $10 million. However, the risk exposure for these groups is very similar — and BlueStone Advisors provides the same services to our middle market segment as it does to the $1B firms.

Key Risks to Protect Against

Based on claim data compiled by the insurance industry, the unique risks to real estate firms are:

Slips, Trips, and Falls

Water, Wind, and Fire Property Damage

Auto Liability

Contractual Liability, Certificates of Insurance


BlueStone Advisors offers its real estate clients an array of risk mitigation and transfer solutions to help them better manage these risks.

Our solutions include:

Traditional property / casualty placements

Workers' compensation cost containment

Risk management information systems

Disaster planning and crisis management

Business continuity planning

Employee benefits solutions and placements

Alternative risk mechanisms (pools, captive, etc.)

Strategic risk assessment

Enterprise risk management

Workforce strategies

Laboratory safety assessments

Claims advocacy

Auto fleet and transportation safety analysis

Special events risk management

Pollution and EPA compliance

Contractual Liability

Purchase Orders, Vendor Contractors, Certificate of Insurance Tracking, Indemnity Clauses, Additional Insured, Hold Harmless Agreements are just a few services provided by BlueStone Advisors to help our real estate clients reduce their liabilities assumed by their contracts.


Quarterly claims reviews and aggressive claims handling is essential to minimizing claim costs. If not monitored, they can spiral out of control and have serious effects on Experience Modification Factors and employee moral.


Safety committees, reward programs, Lifting, Slips/Falls, Carpel tunnel, Return to Work, and Post Accident Drug Testing are just a few of the services provided by BlueStone Advisors to help our non-profit clients implement a current and effective Safety program.

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