Life Sciences

Life Sciences companies are as unique as the products they develop and the services they deliver.

That’s why BlueStone Advisors offers clients many options to customize their insurance protection and drive down the premium.

Recent enhancements in coverage today includes a hybrid general liability contract and a broad all-risk property cover, an extended occurrence period and specialized reporting conditions for clinical trials.

Insurance Solutions Designed For

Medical device manufacturers

Pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies

Drug discovery technology companies

Dietary supplement companies

Healthcare information technology companies

Analytical laboratories

Coverages Explained

Loss Scenarios


A manufacturer of MRI equipment issued a notice concerning the failure of one model. A hospital owned two of the failed models and endured the lengthy repairs.

While unable to use the MRI machines, the hospital had to decrease its patient load and refer patients to other hospitals.

The hospital claimed reduced revenue for the patients turned away.


A pharmaceutical company used a subcontractor to manufacture its capsules. A custom soft-gel encapsulation machine suffered a mechanical breakdown and required extensive repairs.

The repairs and FDA revalidation took six months. The existing inventory lasted only two months.


A fire in a research facility was quickly extinguished by the building’s automatic sprinkler system, but smoke from the fire killed a colony of fourth generation scientific animals.

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