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When Should I Shop My Insurance?

I Can Shop My Insurance Every 2 Years  

Contrary to popular belief, it is not harmful to your insurance rates or your credit to shop your insurance every couple of years. Exploring the marketplace is the only way to ensure you are appropriately covered and getting the best rates possible. Insurance carriers are constantly changing rates and adding coverages to attract new customers – and in today’s hardening insurance market, it could be even more beneficial to look to another carrier to meet your specific needs.

I Can Shop My Insurance During Life Changes  

We are all fairly conditioned to call our agent when we move, buy a car, or add a driver to our policy. However, there are other events that should also trigger a review of your coverage: home refinancing, credit score change, child off to college, or completion of major home improvements. Each of these may result in a change to your rates and/or your coverage amounts.

How Do I Shop?

Independent vs Captive Agents   

Ideally, your insurance agent is reviewing your coverage with you on an annual basis and making adjustments over time. If you only hear from your agent once a year at renewal when new premiums are presented, then it’s possible that something is missing. And if you are with a captive agent – Allstate, State Farm, American Family to name a few – then your agent will be limited on product and coverage pricing. Independent agents have access to many carriers in the marketplace and work for their clients – not a corporation.

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