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Saving the Earth, One Paint Can at a Time

On March 23, BlueStone’s monthly volunteer time was spent with Chris McCarthy and his team at  This inspiring organization is not only helping the environment, they also provide jobs for people with special needs.  Chris collects unused paint cans from a vast network of hardware stores and communities all around Chicagoland.  Each paint can is opened, evaluated, and recycled – no matter the state of what is inside!  Paint is filtered and mixed to create new colors that are sold in 5-gallon buckets in their suburban Wood Dale shop.  Chris also recycles paint cans – both metal and plastic – and is working on a process to turn old, hardened paint into durable, colorful landscape rocks and bricks.  

Check out Earthpaint at and scroll down to see their spotlight on Channel 2 news.  Call Chris if you are interested in volunteering or donating – it will be well worth your time!

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